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The impact of COVID-19 crisis on diverse democratic perspectives through gender perspective



The project outputs will be the following:

Launch event & 3 surveys

Executed through social media with a bottom-up approach to identify critical societal issues during the COVID-19 crisis;

3 debate panels

To promote social engagement through debates;

Topic-Based Group Discussion

Between partner countries and professionals from the field of democratic debate, human rights generally and women's rights specifically;

Our aim


The project HEARD focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the democratic debate, the enjoyment of fundamental rights and the work and life of women through a gender perspective. The search for an adequate response to overcome the crisis that occurred during the pandemic of COVID-19 should be a result of the participation of the involvement of various social partners, civil society and decision-making bodies of a given state. By involving partners from 9 different European countries in all the phases of the project we aim to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of respect for the rule of law, democratic values and the enjoyment of fundamental human rights, with special attention to the social rights of citizens and residents of the given state.